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Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Dean of Therapy Faculty of Tashkent Medical Refresher Institute, Head of Department of Gastroenterology and Physiotherapy.

       The importance of water in human's life can not be underestimated. By the volume of consumption, water is second only to the need in air and even goes before the food requirement. However, by the number of molecules in the organism, water has a commanding lead.

       During abundant perspiration, the organism loses a significant amount of salts. Drinking fresh water will not help restoring these losses, so salt depletion undesirable for any organism may therefore occur. It is in such cases that it is appropriate to drink water with medium mineralization (amount of mineral salts ranging from 1 to 10 g/l). Such types of water are characterized as medicinal and table mineral water. Chortoq bottled mineral water does have such characteristic and is being increasingly used as table water. Apart from a pleasant taste, this water differs by its carbon dioxide saturation and a number of other advantages over fresh water. The salts contained in the mineral water reduce the osmotic effect, this is precisely why the Chortoq can be consumed as drinking water over a period of several months. The chloride-sodium-magnesium composition with added sulphate chloride is by no means unimportant. It has a positive impact on the functioning of many internal organs, and especially on the state of stomach, pancreas, liver, gallbladder, and intestines. It has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect and positively influences on heart performance and thus blood renewal in the organism. This mineral water stimulates normalization of acid-base balance of the organism and stabilization of blood pressure. It is also worth noting that ingestion of the Chortoq water positively affects the skin condition in case of various dermatological diseases and improves its resilience, elasticity, and susceptibility. The mineral substances comprising such water have a high degree of penetration into the organism, owing to which they stimulate improved metabolism, affecting the metabolic processes. This justifies the mineral water usefulness for people suffering from diabetes mellitus. It can also be useful if obesity is present, since it facilitates removal of fats in the human organism, which subsequently leads to normalization of the body weight. It is important to note the benefits for kidney and genitourinary system. Summarizing the above, it may be said that the Chortoq mineral water offers excellent restoring and medicinal properties and also has a positive impact on the entire human organism.


Board Certified in Internal Medicine, works at Chortoq Sanatorium LLC under the Council of the Federation of Trade Unions of Uzbekistan

       I have been working at Chortoq Sanatorium since 1998. For many years I have been watching people who came here for treatment. I can say with all certainty that our medicinal and table water revitalises and positively influences on the functions of digestive organs. Moreover, upon its consumption, there are marked improvements in the process of metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates, water, and salts, which is by no means unimportant for the whole organism.

       Setting up production of the Chortoq mineral water will play an important role in prevention of many diseases and addressing the matter of general health improvement of the population of the Republic of Uzbekistan.


Dermatologist at Chortoq Sanatorium LLC under the Council of the Federation of Trade Unions of Uzbekistan

       Having worked at the Sanatorium since 1984 and basing on my long-term experience, I may state that the Chortoq mineral water is highly effective in treatment of various skin problems. Turning our attention to such skin diseases as allergic dermatitis, hives, itching, eczema, and psoriasis, it can be understood that the key players in their occurrence are the attendant gastric, bowel, hepatic, and biliary diseases. Drinking this water in order to treat gastrointestinal diseases leads to a noticeable reduction in the exacerbations, and in some cases – to elimination of skin diseases. For example, using such a method as the gallbladder and biliary tubáge with mineral water, skin rash and irritation can be eliminated, as well as the skin softness, smoothness, and elasticity also significantly increase. Many patients who recovered from their ailments by virtue of drinking the Chortoq mineral water have been revisiting the Sanatorium for several years.

       We are very pleased that an opportunity to drink the Chortoq medicinal and table mineral water will now open up throughout the whole country.