About company

Chortoq Mineral Water JV Ltd. is the company founded in 2016 that in a short time has won a leading position in the market of Uzbekistan. Chortoq therapeutic & table mineral water has already won the love and recognition of consumers, thanks to its premium quality, balanced composition, soft taste and unique beneficial properties.

Chartak Resort is located on the southern slope of the Chatkal mountain range in the Namangan region of the Republic of Uzbekistan, at an altitude of 623 m above sea in the valley of the Chartak-Say River, in the Fergana artesian basin, between giant mountain peaks. In 1953, to open a source of fresh water the well No. 32 was drilled at a depth of 507 meters. Instead of fresh water, subthermal (+30°C) mineral water with a concentration of chloride-sulfate-sodium (2.6-3.0 g/l, pH = 7.8) was found. According to water parameters, water from well No. 32 in Chartak is similar to water of well No. 7 of the well-known Truskavets resort. Chortoq water is used to treat gastric diseases, diseases of liver, bile ducts, pancreatic diseases and diabetes, and the iodine deficiency.

In 2016, Chortoq Mineral Water JV Ltd. was established. In particular, thanks to the investment of Buncra BV (Netherlands) and local shareholders, a plant for bottling water in 0.5 and 0.33 liter glass bottles was constructed at the place where the mineral water source is located. Construction began in June and was completed in October 2016. The plant has the most modern equipment that meets the standards of quality and food safety. The plant has HACCP, FSSC, and ISO 9001:2015 certificates.

Chortoq brand is not only the brand of mineral water. First of all, it is a philosophy aimed at achieving a life-giving balance in absolutely all areas of human life. Such a balance is a result of mental balance and spiritual fullness. The heart of a balanced life is represented by human health, personal desire to improve himself and the world around him.
So, the motto of our Company is DRINK CHORTOQ AND LIVE IN BALANCE!