Natural source of life

This is not just an advertising phrase. The nature of the Namangan region has presented us all with a truly unique gift – a scattering of mineral healing water sources, with different properties and effect. However, Chortoq therapeutic & table mineral water is produced only from the well No. 32. It is potable and has a unique composition.

Those who administered this mineral drinking water noticed positive changes in the secretion and absorption function of the digestive system, which improves a digestive process. Water stimulates the enzymes splitting the fats, which helps to get rid of excess weight. Water promotes the regeneration of abnormal tissues, improves the trophic process. At the same time, the body gets the recommended daily rate of iodine that is necessary for the normal functioning of the immune system. Trophic process improves the ionic concentration of biological fluids, body microflora, biochemical processes in the digestive system, as well as protein, carbohydrate, fat and water-salt metabolism. At the same time, it stimulates some enzymes thanks to the ions in water. Efficiency of any mineral water consumption depends on chemical elements and ways of its consumption. Chortoq chloride-sulfate-sodium water produced from the well No. 32 has mechanical, thermal and chemical effects on the oral cavity, esophagus and stomach, thereby improving the digestive function of gastric juice. When mineral water enters the duodenum, it inhibits the secretory function of gastric secretion.

Thinking about the long-term preservation of all the useful properties of Chortoq mineral water, we chose green glass for the packaging. Glass is chemically inert, prevents the penetration of ultraviolet light and oxygen, so the water in a glass bottle can be stored for years without losing its useful properties. The production and disposal of glass does not harm the environment as much as, for example, the production and disposal of plastic. Throughout the water shelf life (2 years), Chortoq therapeutic &table mineral water retains its high product quality and beneficial properties for the body. You can look at more detailed information about the packaging types of medicinal-table mineral water Chortoq below on the info-chart.