Iodine deficiency in our body means memory impairment and decreased concentration.

One bottle of Chortoq mineral water will provide the recommended daily intake of iodine and help to improve mental activity.

It is difficult to keep the Holy Ramadan fast both mentally and physically. It is necessary to have a balance between the energy that we spend and the overall stamina.

Chortoq water, thanks to its valuable composition and minerals, will help to regulate the functioning of the stomach and all internal processes of the body!

The pursuit of success is a difficult path that requires special concentration and discipline.

Thanks to the daily rate of iodine in one Chortoq water bottle, our mineral water improves mental abilities and helps to focus better on daily tasks, which promotes, in turn, the self-development.

Dear friends, it is time to take vitamins to be healthy and active in winter! In winter, we will all remember the summer and fresh fruits full of vitamins and minerals and will miss them. Chortoq will help you to chase away winter doldrums.